Industrial AI

My research focus is in the area of semantics and artificial intelligence (AI). As Principal for Industrial Trustworthy AI at SIEMENS AG, I am responsible for aligning existing technical capabilities in this area with industrial “business opportunities” – a prime example of the aforementioned translation work between two independently acting domains.

In this field, I have now developed more than 25 patents and published numerous scientific papers, as well as advising the Siemens Technology Innovation Council (STIC) and various business units on strategic decisions regarding future technologies.

Currently, I am working on the definition of requirements to be placed on trustworthy AI from the perspective of industrial users. In the area of conflict between business, society and politics, it is becoming clear that the most diverse perspectives must be taken into account and neatly coordinated: Regulation and governance, standardization, technologies, and the appropriate business models, methods, and procedures. Only in the interplay of these different aspects can it be decided what a trustworthy use of AI systems should look like – beyond the moral categories that are currently mainly put forward.